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New Patients at Colarusso Family Chiropractic

Welcome to our practice! We’ll greet you by name and with a smile, just like a member of the family—because you are! We’ve taken care of several generations over the years, and you’ll receive the same level of care.

Laying the Foundation

Chiropractic care is built on a strong foundation, just like a house. We follow a particular order to ensure everything stands strong and works correctly. There are three general phases of chiropractic care:

Phase 1: Relief Care — Our first objective is to relieve your pain.

Phase 2: Corrective/Restorative Care — Muscles and other structures are allowed to heal completely to prevent further injury.

Phase 3: Wellness Care — When the body is fully healed, quick, regular adjustments help avoid future problems.

Please complete the online forms prior to your visit. The doctor will listen to your concerns, ask you questions, and take a detailed health history. Next, you’ll receive an in-depth physical exam and chiropractic tests. X-rays, if necessary, will be taken at this time. Unless otherwise indicated, you’ll receive your first adjustment today.


On your next visit, you’ll receive your report of findings and discuss your care plan. Everything is explained to you, so you’re comfortable going forward.

Financials are discussed on the first visit, either with the front desk staff or Dr. C. Cost should never keep you from getting the care you need. We’ll work with you to find a plan that works.

We are in-network with most major insurance providers and Medicare, and also take personal injury cases. We accept major credit cards, CareCredit®, ChiroHealthUSA®, and HSA plans. We also participate with ECS (Efficient Care Solutions) medical discount program.

Ready to Book Your Visit?

Your family is welcome at Colarusso Family Chiropractic! Let’s help you get healthy, so you can enjoy life again. Start today by contacting us for an appointment at (801) 878-3645.

New Patients at Colarusso Family Chiropractic | (801) 878-3645